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White Swirl Shaft Wrap

White Swirl Shaft Wrap

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"White Swirl" by Mastershaftz embodies the essence of serenity and sophistication. This graceful and harmonious design envelops your golf shaft in a soothing swirl of white, radiating a sense of tranquility and composure. It's the ideal choice for golfers seeking a refined and polished look on the course. Elevate your game with "White Swirl" and play with poise and style.

Join the modern golf revolution with Mastershaftz Vinyl Wraps for Golf Shafts. Transform your golf game into an art form and make your mark on the green. Elevate, express, and excel with Mastershaftz. Your shaft, your style, your success.

What's in the box?

- White Swirl Wrap(s)

- Knifeless Tape

- Cleaning Packet 

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